Autodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate software

  • Present ideas more clearly with compelling visualizations
  • Use integrated simulation and analysis to help inform design and construction decisions
  • Create more consistent, higher-quality construction documentation
  • Improve control over project outcomes with valuable insight across the building lifecycle

Autodesk Building Design Suite 2018 Ultimate $199
Autodesk Building Design Suite 2017 Ultimate $199
Autodesk Building Design Suite 2016 Ultimate $199
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Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture
Autodesk AutoCAD MEP
Autodesk AutoCAD Structural Detailing
Autodesk Showcase
Autodesk AutoCAD Raster Design
Autodesk Recap
Autodesk 3ds Max Design
Autodesk Navisworks Manage
Autodesk Revit
Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional
Autodesk Infraworks

Design & documentation

Comprehensive CAD tools

Work with powerful, related design programs that are based on AutoCAD software, such as AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD MEP, and AutoCAD Structural Detailing.

Powerful BIM software

Revit includes features for architectural design; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing; structural engineering; and construction. It is available as part of the Building Design Suite Premium and Ultimate editions.

Enhanced productivity tools

Work more efficiently and produce higher-quality designs using the improved features of Revit BIM software.

View and edit point cloud data (enhanced)

Clean, organize, and visualize laser-scanned point cloud data with the easy-to-use editing and selection tools in ReCap reality capture software.

Incorporate scanned 2D data

Use powerful raster editing and raster-to-vector conversion tools with AutoCAD-based software.

AutoCAD Raster Design helps you easily edit, enhance, and maintain scanned drawings and plans in a familiar AutoCAD environment. Make the most of raster images, maps, aerial photos, satellite imagery, and digital elevation models.

Project collaboration

Industry Foundation Classes linking

Use the new Insert tab to link Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files directly into an existing Revit BIM project.

Collaborate more easily with designers using other file types. The improved quality of linked IFC data means increased visual fidelity and a better importing process.

Detect clashes in aggregated models

Find and resolve design conflicts virtually, before construction begins, with Navisworks Manage for design simulation and validation testing.

Navisworks Manage helps you control outcomes with advanced coordination, 5D analysis, and simulation tools. Navisworks features enable coordination, construction simulation, and whole-project analysis for integrated project review.

Identify costly conflicts (enhanced)

Gain greater insight virtually, before projects are built, with Navisworks Simulate for design simulation and project review.

Navisworks Simulate helps you review and communicate project details through 5D analysis and simulation. Navisworks features enable coordination, construction simulation, and whole-project analysis for integrated project review.

Improve BIM collaboration

Streamline your workflow and work more effectively with other building design disciplines using Revit.

Revit includes features for architectural design, MEP engineering, structural engineering, and construction. These features enable you to:

Easily access a broader set of tools and content
Customize your toolset based on your needs
Improve multidisciplinary workflows
Streamline deployment

Create fabrication drawings faster

Inventor provides tools that help architects and engineers collaborate with the manufacturers and fabricators that produce building components. Inventor helps you understand and capture design intent for today’s demanding buildings and structures.


Integrated building simulation tools

Create more sustainable, energy-efficient designs with the integrated building simulation tools in Revit.

Powerful quantification tools (enhanced)

Perform material quantifications from design and multidisciplinary models for a smoother design-to-cost workflow through a new Navisworks feature.

The new quantification features in Navisworks Manage and Navisworks Simulate enable you to bring quantities from integrated 2D and 3D multiformat datasets into a project. Quantities can be generated in several ways:

From model properties
By adding quantification data to model objects without properties
By creating quantity placeholders for nonmodeled items (also referred to as Virtual Takeoff)

Structural design simulation

Quickly perform advanced building simulation and analysis on large, complex structures using Robot Structural Analysis Professional.

Robot Structural Analysis Professional provides a smooth workflow for structural engineers, enabling them to efficiently simulate and analyze a variety of structures. Use the software to:

Create structural models or review models from Revit
Perform required comprehensive analysis
Visualize and explore results once simulation is complete
Design steel and concrete elements according to design codes


Sketchy Lines

Present drawings and models that have a hand-drawn look.

You can apply this new graphic style to all views of models in Revit. Use this intentionally unfinished look to encourage client feedback and iteration on designs.

3D visualization tools

Market your ideas more successfully and win more business with 3ds Max Design software. It gives architects, engineers, and visualization specialists sophisticated 3D building visualization tools that extend the BIM workflow with push-button rendering and 3D animation tools. A streamlined workflow helps you send your Revit design to 3ds Max Design with ease.

3D presentation software

Transform your AutoCAD and Revit designs into 3D images, movies, and interactive presentations using Showcase 3D visualization software.

Communicate your design ideas effectively and facilitate decision making with Showcase. Create immersive 3D presentations, explore design options in real time with team members and customers, and help them make decisions on the fly, whether they are in the same room or across the world.

Design validation with Navisworks

Use accurate building visualizations to validate designs, resolve conflicts, and improve coordination with other disciplines—before construction begins.

Navisworks Manage helps design and construction professionals improve control over project outcomes by integrating 3D models and multiformat data. Use the software’s powerful visualization features to better coordinate disciplines, resolve conflicts, and plan projects virtually, before you break ground.